Democratic Republic of the Congo

Democratic Republic of the Congo

A key attraction in the DRC are gorillas and seeing them in their natural habitat. A tour involves early mornings and trekking through the deep forests of Virunga National Park. Gorillas are nomadic beasts, and it can take guides anything from two hours to a full day to track them. You may spot them enjoying a meal, fooling around, nursing their young or a number of normal, human-like activities. It is truly something to behold. Please note that you will need to purchase a gorilla trekking permit ahead of time.

For something wonderful to do on your trip, journey down the Congo River. It is the second largest river in the world, with a length of more than 1000kms! The river is slow, graceful and wide, but also home to some amazing wildlife such as hippos, forest elephants, chimpanzees and more.

The people of the DRC speak more than 215 languages together, with French as the national go-to. Music and dance is a big part of the culture in this African country, and a combination of music that arose from jazz and rumba is commonly known throughout the country as musique Zaïroise.

The DRC is also the only place in the world that has a sanctuary dedicated to looking after orphaned bonobos (pygmy chimpanzees). Lola ya Bonobo is located in Kinshasa, and visitors are encouraged to donate to this worthy cause.

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