Nok Air

Nok Air is a low-cost airline operating mostly domestic flights throughout Thailand.

Since launching its first flight in July 2004, Nok Air has expanded its fleet size to 30 aircraft serving over 35 destinations.

Given the quirky, vibrant designs on all of their planes, it is little wonder that Nok Air’s name is derived from the Thai word for ‘bird’. Their colourful brand is as noteworthy as their all-smiling cabin crew, ensuring their passengers have an unforgettable flight.

Nok Air’s airplanes are regularly maintained by international standards, and they are the first airline in Asia to operate the NextGen version of Q4 aircraft, renowned for reduced noise emissions.

In an effort to make flying easy and convenient for as many people as possible, Nok Air’s route network extends far and wide to the northern, southern, and central regions within Thailand. In addition to flights, Nok Air also offers a Fly ‘n Ferry service to the major islands, as well as a Fly ‘n Ride service to its neighbouring countries.

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