Tahiti is a visual dream come to life; it symbolises the epitome of tropical relaxation. There are so many incredible island views to take in, including epic sunsets, palm trees and great mountain landscapes. The island is comprised of Polynesians who represent the majority of Tahiti’s population along with Europeans, Chinese, and many locals with mixed heritage.

Turquoise lagoons and hibiscus flowers are just some of the things that are warmly associated with Tahiti. A spellbinding time is guaranteed as you allow yourself to switch into holiday mode and take in the bliss of the Tahitian air. An adventure amidst this paradise is sure to be life changing! Diving, surfing, cycling and whale watching are some of the amazing activities worth mentioning!

Embrace the tales of the Tahitians’ history and partake in the amazing culture. Remember to take in the sights of volcanic mountains and beautiful rainforests.

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