Located in West Africa, the coastal country of Guinea is unlike any other. This is where adventure awaits and seekers of pure African encounters are encouraged to leave their inhibitions behind and enjoy what Guinea has to offer.

The capital city of Conakry is your typical West African city centre. Here, you may not find tall skyscrapers and modern buildings, but in its place, you’ll find smiling faces, local trinkets, invitations to enjoy indigenous cuisine and rustic markets to wander through.

Outside of the cities is where you’ll fall deeply in love with the mountainous regions and deep valleys of the country. The Fouta Djalon region is perfect for day trips and hiking, and if you take the right path you may even pass a few of the native Fulani villages.

Guinea is also home to the National Park of the Niokolo-Badiar. This is one of the most serene landscapes in the country, and you’ll be sure to spot some amazing wildlife such as antelope, various species of monkey and even a leopard or two.

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