Djibouti is one of those destinations that you can hardly compare to other nations of the world (aside from Iceland). This is due to its exceptional lack of large-scale developments and the incredibly weird landscapes, thanks to the former volcanic activity of the country. Its amazing scenery provide the perfect opportunity for adventure with various outdoor activities, including hiking, surfing and diving.

Some of the most famous scenes of Djibouti include the magnificent Lake Assal, a crater and saline lake in the Danakil Desert, neighbouring dormant volcanoes and black lava fields. It’s the lowest point in Africa (150 metres below sea level) and the second-most saline in the world!

Visit the Gulf of Tadjoura for the wonderful chance to spot whale sharks, who are after the wealth of crustaceans found off the coast of Djibouti. This fact adds an additional highlight to activities like diving and snorkelling. Make sure to treat yourself to this sensational experience off the coast of the Horn of Africa.

The capital, Djibouti City, thrives as the cultural centre of the country with its traditional tribes. This destination boasts an excellent position on the coast of the Red Sea. Immerse yourself in its authentic blend of cultures, explore attractions like Ardoukoba Volcano and Hamoudi Mosque, go kayaking off from Douda Beach or just relax at Khor Ambado Beach.

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