New Zealand

New Zealand

Blessed with fascinating natural landscapes which consumes every fibre in your being, New Zealand’s marvelling aesthetic tugs at your heart as you explore its beauteous mountains and scintillating city attractions. This island setting is considered the adventure capital of the world, a fact which is hard to deny with its thrilling opportunities for hiking, skiing, caving and bungee jumping.

New Zealand’s vibrant culture and hospitable people make the journey through the North Island and South Island incredibly fulfilling. Experience the fascinating stories and culture of the indigenous Māori people in Rotorua. Visitors can engage in cultural performances, see tribal tattoo experts and historic wood carvings. When visiting a marae (Māori meeting ground) remember to greet the Māori locals by pressing your nose and forehead with the person – known as the hongi. Auckland boasts the magnificent Sky Tower, it is the tallest free-standing building and it offers sensational views of the city. For The Lord of the Rings fandom, a trip to Fiordland will prove to be the most rewarding experience. Embark on the luscious meadows of the Shire and immerse yourself into the magical world of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies.

While in Christchurch, it’s a bit different with its quirky and inspiring vibrancy. This resilient city is recovering from a cataclysmic earthquake. From the darkness the brightest light shines, as can be seen in Christchurch’s modern aesthetic. These days it is greener and much more creativity oozes from the streets. Tourists can view incredible and bold street art, clever sculptures and installations which challenges the social norms with a touch of wit. For a unique and weird experience on your holiday, visit mind blowing caves at Waitomo. These incredible caves incorporate fun adventures with amazing sightings. It even has glowworms along with majestic stalactites, stalagmites, fossils and underground streams. The Waitomo Caves is suitable for everyone and is sure to provide a unique playground to take in New Zealand’s finest attractions!

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