From its inception in 1937, Icelandair has been a market leader in the Scandinavian skies, growing from strength to strength. After 80 years of operation, Icelandair’s journey is a reflection of its culture and innovation.
Much like Iceland’s pristine countryside, this leading airline adopts a clean and pure approach to its aircraft, implementing new technologies and sustainable practices to minimise its carbon footprint.
Its impressive fleet of 32 aircraft flies to 46 destinations between North America and Europe. Its ideal location, mid-way between the Atlantic, gives it a lot more growth opportunity for international routes.
Icelandair’s unique Stopover Pass allows passengers flying over the Atlantic to stop in Iceland for up to seven nights at no additional airfare costs. They even offer Stopover Buddies to give you information about the country, with tips on places to explore in Reykjavik. You might even be treated to a stopover performance, with live music sessions and stand-up comedy to keep you entertained!
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