Lost in the heart of South America, between a wild tapestry of quivering swampland, subtropical forests, and the untamed Gran Chaco, Paraguay is an undiscovered and untouched paradise.

While the rest of the continent tangos around it in a sultry blur, Paraguay follow its own unique rhythm. It is not a country that wants to impress with glitzy façades and whirring parties; it would rather introduce you to tereré and the authentic heart of South America.

The capital city, Asunción, is beautiful in its simplicity. Beaux arts buildings line lazy avenues, shady plazas bustle with eateries and fascinating museums, and nightclubs thrum with seductive Spanish music and the intoxicating energy of Paraguayan nightlife.

Encarnación is considered the ‘Carnival Capital of Paraguay’. Unforgettable festivals such as the Fiestas of San Blas, Festival de San Juan and iconic Carnival take over the streets from February to July.

Cerro Cora National Park is an emerald wilderness of cascading waterfalls and mountainous hiking trails, while Ybycuí National Park is a mesmerising tropical rainforest teeming with wildlife and giant butterflies.

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