Prepare to discover one of the most visited countries in Europe – Germany. This vibrant nation offers you amazing cities that include breath-taking scenery, magnificent architectural creations, elegant castles and palaces, alluring cuisine and a lively culture.

Berlin – Germany’s capital and largest city – is best known for its cultural flair, including the world-famous Berlin Opera and Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, a distinctive art scene, a vast array of galleries and museums, and an energetic nightlife.

Cologne provides exquisite opportunities for scenic walks along the amazing River Rhine and through the historic Altstadt. Make sure to discover this destination’s lovely 12 Romanesque Cathedrals.

The city of Hamburg is Germany’s biggest port destination, boasting the historic title of ‘The gateway to the world’. Exploring this European destination will reward you with amazing views, thanks to Hamburg’s sweeping collection of scenic canals.

Munich is famous for the lively Oktoberfest, fantastic landscapes and high-class performances at the National Theatre. Admire the city’s elegant Baroque architecture and the various works at many art galleries and museums.

Experience more of Germany’s culture in Frankfurt. Try out the satisfying regional food at a selection of quaint wine taverns and outdoor cafés, while admiring the street art and beautiful greenery, including Palmengarten and the Frankfurt Zoo.

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