Benin City

Benin City

Benin City is immensely rich in culture and has complex history that is very much evident across the country.

The first African art forms were internationally accepted around the 15th century, known as the Benin brasses. These were sculptures created in iron, carved ivory and brass, and were unfortunately taken by the British to be displayed in museums all around the world. Even though Benin City was deeply bruised by vandalism in 1897, the rich culture and imperial family is still very much respected there.

Today, the city is a cultural hub and financial-backbone of Nigeria’s rubber trade, and is an expansive, fast-growing city. Tourists can experience the real excitement of contemporary life merged with a profound sense of history.

There are art workshops and galleries located in Benin City. An important art centre is the Benin City Museum, hosting a collection of ancient, modern, and some contemporary arts of Benin City and other cultures in Nigeria.

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