Sudan (formerly North Sudan) is a culturally and historically diverse nation, offering the curious traveller insight into its ancient civilisations, national landmarks and beautiful coastline. The locals are very hospitable and gladly welcome you into their culture.

Khartoum is the capital city and straddles the two strands of the Nile River. With its arabesque-designed buildings, tombs, Coptic churches and museums, Sudan’s history and culture permeates the city streets. Be sure to check out the National Museum, Khalifa’s House and Al-Kabir Mosque.

Just north, Omdurman is home to some of the best marketplaces, notably the Souk Omdurman – the biggest market in Africa! See traditional Sufi dancing and whirling dervishes on Friday afternoons.

Sudan’s archaeological treasures are spread throughout the country. The ruins of Old Dongola are a prominent archaeological site portraying the remains of a significant medieval Christian city. See the grand temple complex of Musawarat and uncover the 5000-year-old history of the ancient adobe worshipping houses in Kerma. The city of Wadi Halfa is situated on the banks of Lake Nubia and harbours ancient Nubian relics from the Middle Kingdom period.

Sudan’s most iconic drawcard is at the epicentre of the ancient Napata Kingdom – the Pyramids of Meroe. Over 200 pyramid structures and ruins make up this UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Aside from its fascinating historical structures, Sudan also boasts an incredible coastline and mountainous landscapes. The Jebel Marra volcanic mountains peak at over 3,000 metres and house the Deriba Crater. Hike up to the extinct volcanoes overlooking waterfalls, lakes and ethnic villages.

The coastal cities of Port Sudan, Suakin and Arous Tourist Village are gateways to explore the Red Sea coastline, home to some incredible diving spots.

Nature-lovers should visit Dinder National Park and Gemmeiza Tourist Village with flourishing birdlife and wildlife like elephants, rhinos, zebras and giraffes.

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