Online travel firm to partner banks on payment

Eazi Travels, a web-based marketplace that would reach out to more travelers globally, has been launched in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital, with details of the solutions the scheme has come to provide.

The Director, African Tourism Corporate Travel, Claud Batochi, said the firm would promote travels by enhancing seamless purchase of tickets and payment process.

Speaking at the launch of the company on Friday, he said, “We are excited to launch Eazi Travels Nigeria-a unique and dynamic OTA within this market. We have done something no other OTA has done currently; we have brought a whole lot of offline services online, from Eazi Cargo to Eazi Care and Eazi Pay. We have got a solution to every customer doing everything within the travel industry. We are dynamic, unique and we are ready for the Nigerian market. Our technology speaks for itself. We are working with Sabre to power the system. It is a dynamic company with content that there is none other in the industry. We are ready to do business and serve Nigeria.”

Also speaking, the Chairman, ATCT Group, Chief John Adebanjo, said the launch of Eazi Travels had come with variety of services and products.

He said, “We are associating with the global brand, Golden Treasure. We are also associating with Tourvest. They have a massive inventory. Not just that, Expedia have been knocking on our door, knowing well who we are and what we are capable of achieving. That is why we are well positioned. We started early so we are just starting to wrap it up.

According to the ATCT chairman, the company has products that enable intending travelers to buy now and pay later.

Adebanjo said, “Travel now and pay later means that we should be able to trust each other. It is the element of trust. If you go abroad you will see why people buy homes and cars without having the money. If they can do it and pay after, we can replicate the same thing here.

“All Nigerians are not scammers. They are some Nigerians that are working hard but they can’t afford to buy a ticket, say N1m ticket. How much is their salary? It may be N300k. Why don’t we put something in place that will enable them to fulfill their dreams? And for us to be able to do that, we have got banks that are ready to support us. So it is good for them to afford things easily.”

We are trying to build that trust. If we trust you, we will give you a ticket. The trust that you will pay us back that is what we are doing.”

He also expressed optimism that the demand for air travel would remain very high.

“I just got back from South Africa just some hours ago and I can tell you that it was a full flight. Six days ago, I was coming from the UK. I will tell you that no empty seat on that flight, people are buying. All we need to do is ensure we speak to the government to give these airlines the money they owe them. If we do that, you will be amazed that Emirates will put back their two flights. Nigerians are ready to fly. We are just making things difficult for ourselves. What I will appeal to the government is to pay them so that we can assist the travel industry.”

Article first published on the Punch Website

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