Algeria is a place that glows with the fingerprints of ancient civilisations and some of the most alluring cultures in the world. It is famous for ruins that whisper of Roman empires and Berber kingdoms, and cities laced with decadent Arabian architecture and old winding streets.

A trip to the Sahara Desert, which covers about 80% of the country, is mandatory. Tassili n’Ajjer is a geological masterpiece and M’zab is a mesmerising traditional 10th century village. Both are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Ghardaïa and El Oued are pearls of preserved culture and traditions, while Annaba flaunts dreamy beaches and Tlemcen lures history lovers. The city of Algiers lazes on the teal Mediterranean coastline, offering up beautiful mansions, ancient Casbahs, and streets that hum with the deep reverberations of North Africa.

Some of the most notable Roman ruins include: Khemissa, Tipaza, Lambaesis, Tiddis and Djemila. Some of these boast perfectly preserved Byzantine churches, temples and walls adorned with mosaics. The city of Constantine is also a must see.

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