Rwandair rewards Nigerian customers

Rwanda Airlines company, Rwandair, has rewarded its Nigerian customers and stakeholders for supporting the company and ensuring business continuity.

The company in honour of stakeholders and customers organised the corporate event which was held recently in Lagos.

According to Rwandair, Nigerian customers and partners account for 44 per cent of the airlines’ gross sales.

Chief Commercial Officer, Rwandair, Jimmy Musoni, appreciated the contributions of the strong Nigerian travel market and commended their loyalty.

The Director-General, Rwandair Tourism Board Chamber, Frank Gisha, said the country – Rwanda, was a tourist destination and investment hub to consider.

The many tickets won by guest to Rwandair’s destinations include a business class ticket to London, while awards to partner travel agencies were handled by the Senior Manager, Promotion and Communication, Habba Kamsiga.

The Country Manager, Rwandair Nigeria, Muhamud Wayiga, said the travel business event was organised to reward its customers and celebrate its stakeholders.

“The reason we are here is to thank our stakeholders for continuous support and update them on new development  in the market to promote business continuity,” he said.

Commenting on the effect of the global crisis due to the Russian-Ukraine war on Rwanda air travel, Wayiga said that it had affected businesses generally.

“Fuel cost has gone up, it is something that is global. I wish something can be done so that the world comes back to normal. And there has been a lot of inflation, prices have gone up. If a normal person is affected, so is our business,” he said.

Article first published on the Punch Website

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