Though unable to escape civil conflict within its borders throughout the years, Burundi is a destination that sings to the heart and is well worth a visit and chance to enthrall you.
Make sure to visit Bujumbura, known by the locals as Buji, as this small city has a lot of soul. Places to visit include the Independence Monument in the city centre and The Living Museum, which showcases the evolvement of ancient to modern ways in the country.

There are numerous national parks that are waiting to be explored throughout the country. Wildlife is abundant in this beautiful country and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to encounter majestic beasts in their natural habitats, such as cheetahs, hippos, chimpanzees, African bush elephants and African golden cats. The Ruvubu National Park is surrounded by tall mountains and is found along both sides of the Ruvuba River, perfect for camping as you awake to the sounds of birds. The Rusizi Natural Reserve is just outside the capital city of Bujumbura, and is perfect for spotting hippo and crocodiles.

Burundi’s south-western border is snaked by one of the deepest lakes in the world, Lake Tanganyika. The lake provides many inland beaches, perfect for a cool spring day or early summer morning.
The city of Bujumbura is reminiscent of colonial France, and its architecture has a beautiful European feel to it in the middle of East Africa.

Cuisine in Burundi is a flavoursome mix of African and French influences, with staples such as fried plantains and grilled mukeke, fished straight from Lake Tanganyika.

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