Get ready to immerse yourself in the beautiful culture of Iran. This Islamic nation is where you will find picturesque mosques and temples, artistic architectural wonders and charming green spaces. Go for adventures and discover the diverse landscape that Iran offers, which includes magnificent mountains (like Mount Damavand), lakes (such as Alendan Lake), hot springs (including Badab-e Surt) and alluring coastal scenes (like Hormuz Island).

Iran’s capital is Tehran, which sits in the northern part of the country. This destination is home to stunning architectural masterpieces, including the historic, 16th-century Golestan Palace (the former seat of power of the Qajar dynasty) and the breath-taking Azadi Tower. Admire the jewellery of the Qajar monarchies at the National Jewellery Treasury. Indulge in some relaxation at Laleh Park and Shahr Park or shop as much as you want at the Tajrish Bazaar.

Situated on a flat plain and surrounding by mountains, Yazd is a city of winding lanes, a collection of badgirs (Persian wind towers designed to provide natural ventilation in buildings) and exotic mud-brick houses. It is a destination that you should not miss during your exploration of Iran. It is the quintessential city of the desert. Attractions include the Ateshkadeh (a fire temple), the Towers of Silence and Jame Mosque of Yazd.

Shiraz sits in south-central Iran. It’s famed for its literary history and numerous gardens (one is the home of the Tomb of Hafez, a beautiful marble beauty). Visit the Mausoleum of Saadi, dedicated to the late poet, including a 13th-century mosaic-tiled tomb and a gorgeous underground pool. North-east of Shiraz is the ancient capital of Persepolis.

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