Oman is colourful, detailed, and beautiful in all directions that you look.

The natural attractions of this idyllic country are breathtaking as it’s hard to believe that such beauty can exist. Off-rode driving will excite the adrenaline seekers, with rugged mountain trails at your disposal and 4×4 desert trips into the wild.

The luxury of Oman is done in a way that is not all gold and caviar, but instead captures your senses with tastefully designed holiday resorts and shopping malls that look as though they belong to a king (which they probably do!). The Grand Market in Muscat is where you will try your luck at an age-old game of bartering. Don’t expect to escape the ancient form of sales, and instead enjoy the motions as you leave with your ‘discounted’ souvenirs.

And the food, of course, the food! Oman is ideally located to give you the most enticing and flavoursome dishes from across the Mediterranean seas and further stretches.

Water-filled valleys that are wonderful for swimming in the winter are precious gems that can only be found with the help of a guide, making your experience even more unique.

The tropical city of Salalah is abound with lush valleys, wide rivers and cool weather throughout the year – a popular holiday destination for locals. The monsoon season, known as khareef brings about some rain and joy from the months of July to September.

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