Treat yourself to the wonderful experience of an escape to this remote island nation in the western Pacific Ocean. Nauru’s incredibly small size allows you to get around the circumference in a short time (approximately 30 minutes by car, or approximately 4 hours on foot).

Nauru is best known for its coral reef and beautifully palm-tree-fringed beach of Anibare Bay on the east coast. Head inland towards Buada Lagoon, a gorgeous tropical body of water (the only one on the island), surrounded by tropical vegetation – a fantastic setting to take pictures. At the highest point of Nauru, you will find Commander Ridge, a former Japanese outpost during the Second World War.

For the adventurous and aspiring explorers, there are the Moqua Caves in the district of Yaren. Discover a limestone plateau, which has formed low cliffs and caves. These caves will also lead you to the Moqua Well, the source of Nauru’s drinking water. If your thirst for adventure isn’t quenched yet, there are the other islands of the western Pacific Ocean to explore!

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