Mozambique is for authentic travellers who want to experience the real Africa. There’s not much that can compare to the secluded, untouched coastline of the country that is ideal for just soaking up the sun or snorkelling. Mozambique has miles and miles of coastline and world-class coral reefs that are waiting to be discovered and enjoyed by visitors. Tofo Beach in Tofo City and Benguerra Island in the Bazaruto Archipelago are sure to take your breath away.
Away from the bustling cities you can also appreciate the tranquillity and open skies of this African beauty.

Swim with some exquisite marine life just off the coasts and spot dugongs which are unique to the warm coasted waters of Vilanculous in Mozambique. Other marine life to spot include whale sharks and manta rays. For views of land beasts such as majestic elephants and royal lions, visit the Gorongosa National Park in the centre of the country, at the foot of Great African Rift Valley.

Food plays a massive part in the Mozambican experience. Imagine flavours that are rich and deeply grounded in Portuguese and Malay influences, with spices galore! When in Mozambique, forget about the rest and indulge in some amazing seafood that goes straight from the grill to your plate. One such speciality are peri-peri prawns with a local staple made of cassava leaves and coconut, mapata.

Oh and by the way, the hospitality of the people also make for a reason to visit on its own!

Popular tourist destinations include Maputo for some city living, and Tofo and Vilanculos for budget-friendly beach-side backpackers and plenty of parties.

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