Denpasar is a strangely magnetic place. Shabby streets that bustle with traditional markets, ojeks and dokars, give way to soft stretches of beach dotted with thatch huts, and wild hillsides overlooking turquoise and sapphire ocean.

The urbane quiver of a sprawling metropolis fuses with the easy rusticism of a tropical paradise to create the rugged magnetism that whirs and purrs through the streets of Denpasar.

Denpasar invites you to explore sacred temples draped in the divine mysticism of Hinduism; witness the untamed beauty of Suwung Kawuh mangrove forest; indulge in the delectably rare flavours of Kopi Luwak at a local coffee plantation; swim with sharks at Shark Island; luxuriate in the tropical beauty of Sanur Beach; and spoil your palate with tantalising coconut infused betutu.

But most importantly, Denpasar invites you to feel the intoxicating energy of a unique Balinese metropolis. Denpasar is feisty, feverish and charismatic. And it is ready to take you on a wild ride of authenticity, culture and colour.

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