Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines is the national flag carrier airline of Ethiopia, a member of the Star Alliance and one of the largest and fastest growing airlines in Africa.
Dubbed ‘the new spirit of Africa’, Ethiopian Airlines wishes to connect you to the world while providing unrivalled, warm African hospitality. Operating from the beautiful city of Addis Ababa, this airline flies to more destinations in Africa than any other commercial carrier in the world; offering access to most of Mother Africa’s colourful cities.
Relax in one of the two comfortable lounges at Bole International Airport, offering Cloud Nine passengers access to wireless connection, a personal computer and a wide variety of amenities, as they wait for the departure of their flight.
Ethiopian Airlines aims to set themselves apart by making safety their first priority, ensuring they become the leading aviation group in Africa and airline of choice to its customers. With focus on continuous improvement, Ethiopian Airlines operates more than 60 aircraft for passenger flights, while having placed orders for about 50 more aircraft to extend its flights and destinations network as planned in the near future.
Ethiopian Airlines flies to and from Kaduna International Airport (KAD). Book your cheap flights to London, Nairobi, Bangkok, New York and other exciting places!
Popular flights routes with Ethiopian Airlines are from Lagos to London, Abuja to Dubai, Abuja to London, Abuja to Johannesburg and from Lagos to Accra.

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