Luxembourg is a country that oozes charm and character tucked away in the most unexpected places.

Luxembourg City is the lively capital, made up of the UNESCO-acclaimed Old Quarter with its cobbled streets and old, historical buildings. Old fortresses have made way for beautiful gardens and parks and there is plenty to see and do. Art and history lovers should visit the National Museum of History and Art, housing impressive collections. Explore the 21-kilometre network of underground passageways carved out of rock in the City Casements. The Bock plateau houses old castle ruins overlooking remnants dating back to 1390. Another must-see are the Walls of the Corniche, resembling balconies towering over the old city.

The Moselle Valley is a picturesque landscape of wine villages and sloping vineyards in the eastern part of the country. Famous for its thermal springs, spa resorts and wine, the Roman fortresses and Art Nouveau houses add to the region’s quaint, homely feel.

The villages and countryside of Luxembourg are accentuated by their majestic castles. Walferdange Castle is the former Grand Ducal residence, just outside the capital city, and houses fascinating archaeological sites. The village of Mullerthal, known as “Little Switzerland” is home to numerous neo-Gothic churches and 12th-century castles. Vianden is a little gem tucked away in the Ardennes region and is famous for its Gothic-style manor perched above the town. Bordered by the Sûre and Wark rivers, the romantic lit-up ruins of Bourscheid Castle are quite the spectacle at night.

Discover Luxembourg’s wild side with a trip to the eco-friendly Upper Sûre Natural Park, with spectacular wildlife, waterfalls and water sports to enjoy. The sheer cliffs, hidden valleys and panoramic scenery of the Ardennes are breathtaking and is where Hitler staged his last WW2 campaign. Nestled among the mountains, the little town of Wiltz is renowned for its open-air theatre and music festivals.

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