Renowned for its stunning pearls and aquatic gems, Bahrain is now more popularly mined for its oil and has become an exotic getaway for local and foreign tourists. Bahrain is home to the decaying ruins of the Dilmun civilisations, charming desert towns, incredible scuba diving sites and, its famous fortress of Qalat Al Bahrain.

Manama is the capital city, teeming with history and culture in the way of museums, shopping malls and bustling souks where you can find the most exquisite carpets, spices and pearls.

The old-world character of Riffa is evident in its ancient fortresses and Arabic bazaars, while its modern golf courses and high-rise hotels give it an eclectic atmosphere.

For a cultural experience of Bahrain’s varied Portuguese, Greek and Persian influences, the city of Muharraq provides some insight. Sit down at the cafés sipping on mint tea as you gaze at the white-washed buildings and souks spilling their copperware and trinkets onto the streets

Explore the ruins of Qal’at Al Bahrain, a UNESCO-acclaimed fort dating back to 2,300 BC.

The villages near the western coast offer the best in souvenir shopping. Pick up some authentic ceramic crafts, colourful tapestries and fine coral stonework as a memento.

For a glimpse into the playground of the rich and famous, the Amwaj Islands boasts the best in middle eastern opulence with their white-washed towers contrasted with luxury apartments, yachts bobbing along the bay and beaches stretching on for miles. Similarly, Zallah, situated just off the western coastline is populated by turquoise lagoons, breezy date palms, while jet skiing and kite surfing are just a fraction of the water sports you can enjoy.

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