A destination bursting with myth and mystery sure makes for a fascinating expedition fuelled by curiosity. Yes, Venezuela is tainted by an economic crisis, but this should not stop you from digging deep into its cultural wealth and breath-taking landscapes. It is these destinations, which are not visited by the dozens, that offer the most rewarding life experiences! Astounding flat-topped mountains confidently overlook the vibrant savannas – this is just one of the simple joys to be discovered in Venezuela.

The capital city, Caracas, overflows with colonial and historic imprints, accompanied by the modern buildings which dress the skyline. Caracas is a bustling metropolis which requires tourists to be alert at all times; but do not let your paranoia get the best of you. This intrinsically beautiful city surprises you with its natural attractions such as El Ávila National Park and Parque del Estre.

Indulge in scintillating Venezuelan dishes: pabellon (rice, black beans and banana covered in stewed and shredded beef), pernil (roasted pork flavoured with garlic, vinegar and oregano) and tequeños (long and small rolls filled with hot cheese or chocolate).

Maracay, a city closely tied to the military, boasts the immensely popular site, The Aviation Museum. Popular attractions in this Caribbean coastal city include Plaza Bolívar of Maracay and Las Delicias Zoo.

Trot through unspoiled enchantments in the city of Cumaná, which blooms with so many fascinating things to do and places to see. Cumaná makes the journey to this beautiful destination worthwhile. Prepare to take in the sights of Castillo De San Antonio De La Eminencia, Iglesia De Santa Ines and Cueva Del Guacharo.

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