Situated in the northern region of Nigeria, Abuja is built to be a neutral center for Nigerian citizens, undivided by ethnicity or religion. It is now one of the thriving metropolises in Africa as business travel remains a large part of tourism in the city. Abuja offers glitz and glamour in its nightlife, beautiful parks, monuments museum and art collections, which have contributed immensely to the number of leisure travellers in the city.

The Abuja skyline is a mix of mid-range buildings and a few skyscrapers. Most of the building are modern, equipped with many amenities to enrich your stay. It is known for being the best purpose-built city in Africa as well as being one of the wealthiest and most expensive.

Enjoy scenic views from Millennium Park and be mesmerized by its beautifully rich land-architectural design. Rock climbers can enjoy the spectacular views from either the top of Zuma or Aso Rock. The people of Abuja are hardworking individuals who love entertainment.

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