Nigeria-US routes get Delta’s Premium Select cabin

The United States mega carrier, Delta Air Lines, says effective this July, its new and top-rated cabin, Premium Select, will be available “consistently” on its flights between Lagos and the United States.

The Vice President for Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and India at Delta Air Lines, Nicolas Ferri, made the disclosure in an interview with The PUNCH.

According to him, the Delta Premium Select cabin has been retrofitted on the carrier’s Airbus A330-200 deployed on the Lagos-Atlanta and Lagos-New York routes but it will become “consistently available” on the routes effective this summer.

Ferri said, “Delta Premium Select is a new cabin that is being retrofitted on all our widebody aircraft. It is already available here in Nigeria on our Airbus A330-200. It is going to be consistently available starting in July. It is a cabin in between the main cabin and Delta One, which is our Business Class cabin. So, we have our Delta One, now comes Delta Premium Select; so, it is a cabin in between the main cabin and Delta One. Delta Premium Select has wider seats, bigger recline, footrests, and a much more private environment.  It is a small cabin with fewer seats, and it gives you much privacy.”

According to the Delta VP, a thrilling onboard experience awaits customers in the cabin, adding that the goal of the carrier is to make every segment of travel a thrilling experience for passengers.

He added, “We are starting in Q3, a much-enhanced meal service as well.  So, for just a little extra, it does now know a specific amount, it is dynamic; with just a little extra, you have access to the cabin, it comes with SkyPriority benefits-you get to board and de-board a little faster.  It is really a nice product and we are very happy that it is already here in Nigeria on both our New York and Atlanta flights. So, I hope our customers get to see it soon. We are very proud of it, it is a brand new cabin.”

Ferri pointed out Delta’s joint-venture partners-AirFrance, KLM and Virgin Atlantic-have similar premium cabins for travellers, adding that customers who chose to travel through Europe in any of the travel segments would not lack access to such onboard experience.

“And what is actually more exciting about it is that AirFrance already have such a cabin; and KLM started this summer, and Virgin Atlantic of course. So, from our joint-venture perspective, you will have once again that seamlessness that allows you to buy a ticket on Delta and fly on Premium Select, but should you return, let us say by Europe, the same cabin is available through our joint-venture partnerships. That is pretty good,” he added.

Delta’s plan, according to Ferri, is to ensure passengers traveling on the Lagos-US routes enjoy friendly and comforting experiences on every segment of their trips.

Beyond this, he said the US carrier had also put measures and facilities in place for passengers to enjoy a better airport experience in Lagos.

This, he said, led to the carrier’s decision to introduce a better airport lounge experience for energy customers and other VIP travelers.

 Ferri said, “Nigeria is a really big energy player, obviously. We have a lot of customers who are related to the energy industry.”

They are a big part of why we are so successful on our Nigerian flights. So, through the leadership of the Delta team here in Nigeria, what we have done is to customise the experience as much as possible with the limitations that exist here through that segment of the travel. “For them at the airport; in addition to the VIP services, there is a very unique lounge that allows us to provide a better experience to these customers before boarding.

And of course, when you arrive, while you wait for your bags, there is a separate little private lounge that customers can actually use to wait with air conditioning, soft drinks, and coffee drinks while the bags get delivered. Trying to make every segment a little easier, friendly for customers to arrive and depart from here.”

According to Delta’s website, the Premium Select gives customers space to stretch out and relax with a wider seat, an additional recline, and an adjustable footrest and leg rest.

It added, “Put your feet up with an enhanced travel experience every time you fly Delta Premium Select – a superior Delta cabin select long-haul routes.

“Delta Premium Select includes SkyPriority check-in, boarding, and baggage service; two free checked bags up to 50 lbs each; spacious seats with extra recline, additional legroom, and footrests; amenity kits; and full meal service with complimentary alcohol for guests 21 and up.”

Article first published on the Punch Website

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