Firm launches aviation customer survey

Phillips Consulting Limited has launched a customer satisfaction survey report of Nigeria’s aviation industry to contribute positively to the aviation industry in Nigeria.

PCL unveiled the reports during its 30th anniversary ceremony at the Nigeria-South Africa Chamber of Commerce breakfast meeting which held at Eko Hotel, Lagos, recently.

At the meeting, the Managing Director, PCL, Rob Taiwo, said, “We are pleased to present you with the PCL. Nigeria’s Aviation Industry 2022: Customer satisfaction survey report. Among other findings, the report captures insights into the aviation industry through the lens of travellers. It includes inputs from various sources, but most critically, from customers. This report is a must-read for industry stakeholders.

“Our population and natural constitution for travel mean that the Nigerian aviation industry can be one of the most lucrative in the world. However, we must re-engineer a business model that is over-reliant on foreign currency. Let’s work towards the pcl. the report says the customers actually want safety, affordable ticket pricing and flights that leave on time. If public and private sector stakeholders can work collaboratively and selflessly to build around these three pillars, everything else will fall into place.”

Head of research and intelligence, PCL, Samuel Bamidele, said Nigeria’s aviation industry was growing and recovering faster from the pandemic than global projection. He stated that while there were several pressure points or challenges facing operators in the industry, pcl expected the industry to continue on a positive trajectory.

He said, “One of the highlights of the Phillips Consulting aviation survey report is the low capacity in the industry, which we infer from challenges passengers face with securing urgent tickets and increased costs for late bookings. In addition, we found that 16.24 per cent of survey respondents do not prefer any airline, indicating that existing competition and potential new entrants are strong challengers for market share.”

A Senior Partner at the firm, Paul Ayim, said the firm launched the aviation Center of Excellence as a vehicle to research and disseminate best practices in the sector and facilitate alignment of structure, processes, people and metrics to strategy. “The CoE leverages on our 30 years’ experience supporting clients and stakeholders in Nigeria’s aviation industry on transformation projects and initiatives.”

Article first published on the Punch Website

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