Get ready for an amazing holiday experience in Vanuatu. This collection of approximately 80 islands is home to an incredible collection of beaches, scuba diving opportunities, underwater caverns and shipwrecks!

Vanuatu has an incredibly long history, with pottery shards discovered that date back between 1100-1300 BC! In the capital, Port Vila, visit the Vanuatu National Museum. If you’re in Luganville, make sure to experience wonderful diving opportunities at the tremendous shipwrecked SS President Coolidge cruise liner. Another historic site is Chief Roi Mata’s Domain.

From Port Vila, take a thrilling tour to the active volcano, Mount Yasur. It’s an especially arresting sight at night, due to the natural fireworks, courtesy of the glow the volcano emits. This makes Mount Yasur a natural lighthouse for ships at sea!

Among the 80 islands of Vanuatu, there are the remote ones, such as Pentecost, Ambryn and Malekular. Experience a more traditional lifestyle with the island-hopping experience these locations offer. Meet the tribal inhabitants, explore beautiful forests, or walk along serene beaches.

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