Germanwing is a Cologne based airline and is the first German low cost airline serving 53 destinations with hopes to expand their wings to more destinations in the future.
With Germanwings, you will be able to find affordable flights to major cities on the European continent for any traveller seeking the perfect holiday.
Germanwing is part of the Lufthansa Group and operated independently until October 2015, when a merger with Eurowings was started, allowing Eurowings to integrate Germanwings routes into theirs.

Not only is Germanwings a safe and reliable airline but they also provide passengers with First Class service on board and on the ground.
With focus on providing low fares to their customers, Germanwings provide value-based pricing options to their customers by giving them the option to customize their flights by selecting from Basic, Smart and Best fares.
Book Germanwings flights to Cologne, Munich, Barcelona and other exciting destinations!

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