Jordan is the ideal place to visit to get an impression of the Middle East. With its ancient tradition of welcoming visitors, you have the guarantee of experiencing a wonderful holiday in this exotic nation.

This Middle Eastern country boasts a rich history, with its top historic site, the ancient capital of the Nabatean Kingdom: Petra. This magnificent archaeological site sits in Jordan’s southwest desert. It is accessed by a narrow canyon known as Al Siq, and includes tombs and temples carved into sandstone cliffs, which are pink (thereby earning this old city its nickname: “Rose City”). The most iconic structure of the city is Al Khazneh, a huge temple that features a Greek-style façade.

The capital, Amman, includes more of Jordan’s history with the Roman Theatre, a massive structure that is home to a number of museums as well as the Roman Nymphaeum. Discover more of the city’s story with a visit to the National Archaeological Museum. Amman offers more than history, with its modern atmosphere, characterised by luscious residential districts, charming cafés, casual bars, as well as contemporary shopping centres and art galleries.

For a taste of the Red Sea, spend some time in the more relaxed Aqaba. The only port city in Jordan, you’ll be charmed by its small-town atmosphere. This destination is primarily known for its popular beach resorts which offer superb conditions for windsurfing and other water sports. Aqaba furthermore offers the opportunity for snorkelling and diving, with famous dive sites like Yamanieh coral reef in Aqaba Marine Park. The city is also home to the Islamic-era Aqaba Fort and the Aqaba Archaeological Museum.

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