Central African Republic

Central African Republic

Blessed with natural beauty and an abundance of wildlife, the Central African Republic is a vastly unique land. However, its turbulent civil unrest and general lawlessness makes it extremely volatile for many to voyage to this bountiful country. In spite of its political tensions, Central African Republic remains a gem that longs to be trekked by those who wish to discover incredible natural landscapes and its diverse wildlife.

The capital city, Bangui, has a strong French influence – colonial aesthetic filtrates through the cityscape. Located on the banks of the Ubangi River, it is abundant with beautiful natural attractions. Popular attractions include Boganda Museum, Bangi Zoo and the Bokassa Palace.

Bayanga is located in a tropical rainforest area in the Dzanga-Sangha Dense Forest Special Reserve. Visit the town for an authentic experience of the traditional lifestyle of the Pygmies and several other population groups residing in the area. Popular touristic activities include gorilla tracking, net hunting with Pygmies and extracting Palm Wine.

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