A true mix of first and third world attractions, you can be assured that Angola has something for the luxury traveller, and more especially for the traveller that’s looking to delve deeper into the true heart of this beautiful country.

One does not travel to Angola and not prepare to dance! Dance is a big part of the culture in the cities and across Luanda to Benguela, you will find young and old swaying their hips to the sounds of kizomba and kudura music. If you can’t dance, no worries, they will teach you how.

The capital city of Luanda is home to the majority of Africa’s trendsetters, and you may be surprised to find out that it’s one of the most expensive cities in all of Africa. Surprised, until you find out that the country is rich in oil and diamonds, and spares no expense in the lavish resorts and attractions in its leading city.

The country has a rich Latin feel, with much of the residents having a strong Brazilian inclination and love for this South American fellow Portuguese-speaking country. They also enjoy the same cuisine, so indulge in some feijoada, and everyday staple of funge. That said, there’s a uniquely European feel in the capital, with architecture that looks as though you’re in Portugal.

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