Asky Airlines

ASKY Airlines is relatively a newcomer in the airline industry, but has found its niche in a much-needed service for Africa. ASKY stands for “African Sky” and prides itself on its ability to connect African countries through excellent service and quality.
The company was founded in 2008 and formed as a successor to Air Afrique. However, commercial passenger service did not commence right away. The Togolese airline launched operations in 2010 with a maiden flight from Lomé to Abidjan, and has since expanded its route to over 22 destinations.
Through its strategic and technical partnership with Ethiopian Airlines, ASKY Airlines is able to offer you more routes across more networks, connecting Africa with the rest of the world.
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Popular flight routes with Asky Airlines are from Abuja to Dubai, Abuja to London, Lagos to Johannesburg and Lagos to Accra.